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Who We Are

BAKAWA AND SONS HOLDINGS LTD is a limited liability Company incorporated in Uganda. Our company specialized in the field of health & safety especially in individual protection wear/equipment since 1996.

Bakawa & Sons Holdings Ltd – a one stop Health and Safety solutions provider that always seek to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. What separates us from the pack is our commitment to all our valued customers by offering superior quality products, competitive price and realistic delivery period.

As a truly integrated Health and Safety solutions provider our safety business span across divisions namely:-

PPE Distribution

We offer more than 300+ types of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) from world renowned brands such as ANSELL, MAPA, UVEX, SCOTT, ELVEX, BOVA, CAPITAL, CARL , HEXAMOR, PLUM, PORTWEST, MASTERLOCK, OEKLEEN, HECKEL, SFE, FIRSTAR.

Instrumentation and calibration centre

Supply, testing , calibration and certification of all types of field and control panel instruments which are used for monitoring, measuring and controlling pressure, temperature, level, flow and electrical for fields –OIL/GAS, PETROCHEMICAL, MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES, UTILITIES AND ENGINEERING.

Fall protection solutions

Collective protection: safety railings and scaffoldings Lifelines systems-Supply and installation Rescue and retrieval equipments

Integrated lifting and material handling solutions

Rope and lifting gear,Material handling equipments,Equipment inspection and certification services,High quality training courses with a particular emphasis on wire rope and lifting operations

Safety staffing solutions

Provide a managed safety service to clients by placing a safety personnel on a part time arrangement to handle their specific need or projects

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